About us

What is Card4Action

A SaaS company with a proprietary mobile application that offers extended values around personal meetings. The application enables; A) Free user possibilities with digital business cards and; B) subscriptions for mobile clubrooms with corresponding QR-codes.

The platform

The development began in 2019. All coding has been built internally in Sweden with the support from international consultants. The database is located in Scandinavia, EU.

Target group

Businesses, organisations and professionals with contact and network intensive work activities that includes many external meetings and events.

Business influencers

Professionals that practice intense networking and contact-making, both as participants and organizers of different events and business activities.


Today, it is common practice for many individuals to use Linkedin within their personal or professional networking. Linkedin is, however, not adapted to personal face-to-face meetings. We focus first and foremost on the needs of our users. Today, there are many systems for events and fairs with ticket sales etc. built with the organizer’s perspective in mind. Card4Action focus instead on the perspective of users in a similar way to what Spotify has done within the music industry. We believe that by making all kinds of personal meetings more efficient, we can create more value and opportunities for more people. As a user, it becomes easier to access information and contact details as well as sharing your own information with others.

The team

Tech, event and networking experts with +20 years experience of organizing events and network activities - with a 100% insight and understanding of the market

Business model

SaaS subscriptions were launched in 2023 with QR-codes for personal digital clubrooms for 500 SEK - 10.000 SEK/PM depending on size and service content.

AI applications

Several processes can be automated for users to save time and improve accuracy towards gaining new contacts. These digital assistants, like sales and market assistants etc., will to a great extent be based on AI functions and machine learning.