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meetings you remember

More memories and improved follow-ups

Digital business cards make meetings more efficient

Show different
sides of yourself

Create multiple digital business cards - we call them profile cards

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Share and save contact details

The profile cards help you keep your meetings and new contacts organized.

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Automatic updates

Any changes you make to your profile cards will be automatically updated and shared with your contacts

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Sort information

The contacts and profile cards you save can easily be collated and categorised

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Simple to contact

With Card4Action, you gather all contact routes in one place - call, text, e-mail and access social platforms like Linkedin.

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Always on your terms

Card4Action is your life-long private account. Gather your contacts, meetings and notes free from adverts

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Download the app and design your digital business cards today!

Easy to create and adaptable for different occasions.
For your hobbies, for work, for the association, for the big party or your dog?

Free of charge, practical, efficient and safe.